The DNAcademy Accelerator 🚀

The DNAcademy Accelerator Announcement

We’re Launching the DNAcademy Accelerator 🚀

By Michael Cyger, Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: June 3, 2020

The DNAcademy Accelerator is a live domain name investing program that provides participants with investing education, expert mentorship, key connections within the domain name ecosystem, and an opportunity to network with other investors in the community.

The Accelerator Batch #1 has closed. Please contact us to request notification of Batch #2.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the program and see if it’s a good fit for you. [Read along.]

If you have questions, please post them in the comments below.

Join the DNAcademy Accelerator:

Any questions, please contact Michael Cyger.

Join the DNAcademy Accelerator Announcement in Text:

I have exciting news. We’re launching the DNAcademy Accelerator.

If you’re interested in going through the DNAcademy course with a group of like-minded, committed peers who are interested in learning, networking, and succeeding as domain name investors, stick around for this message.

Hi everyone, I’m Michael Cyger, founder and lead instructor of DNAcademy.

As you know, DNAcademy is a self-paced, online training course that allows you to learn to invest in domain names on your own schedule.

But many people prefer to learn in a community setting, which is why in-person events and in-person classes are so popular.

So for the first time, we’re introducing the DNAcademy Accelerator.

The DNAcademy Accelerator is a live domain name investing program that provides participants with investing education, expert mentorship, key connections within the domain name ecosystem, and an opportunity to network with other investors in the community.

The DNAcademy Accelerator is built on a cohort model, where a batch of students go through DNAcademy at the same time over an eight week period.

What is a cohort?

In a college setting, a cohort is a group of classmates that enter the same program and complete their courses at the same time.

You might see them in the classroom, in office hours asking questions, forming informal study groups, supporting each other, and networking within the program.

And statistically speaking, learning programs that incorporate cohorts have higher graduation rates, higher accountability, higher involvement, and greater success in the real world.

So that’s what we’re going to do in the DNAcademy Accelerator.

Let’s talk logistics.

Every week the cohort of students will meet with me live, online, in a classroom for 45 minutes. We’ll go over the lesson for the week, discuss what we learned, answer questions, and find out what we’re going to learn in the upcoming week.

Then, during the next week, the students will go through the DNAcademy course, learn the lessons, take notes, and complete the self-assessment quizzes on their own.

Our first live meeting will be on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020, at 10am Pacific time, 1pm Eastern, 6pm London time, 10:30pm Mumbai time.

Here’s the link to see this class in every time zone: https://everytimezone.com/s/8402919e

We will meet every Tuesday thereafter at the same time for eight weeks.

The Accelerator is open to both new and existing DNAcademy students.

If you’re not a student of DNAcademy yet but want to join the DNAcademy Accelerator, just sign up for a yearly or lifetime membership today. Then go to DNAcademy.com/accelerator to join the class. You are guaranteed to get into the Accelerator.

If you’re an existing DNAcademy student, you can join at the same DNAcademy.com/accelerator link, but you must have at least five months remaining on your yearly membership to be a part of this program. You can check your remaining time at DNAcademy.com/account.

But you must apply by Monday, June 15th, 2020, to get into the Accelerator.

We will all learn the same lessons in the same weeks. We’ll acquire a common language so we can communicate more effectively. We’ll become proficient in the same tools so we can be more productive. And we’ll acquire skills in the same areas so we all have the same knowledge. We’re going to provide feedback to each other. We’re going to share lessons we learned along the way. And we’ll be better investors because of it.

Let’s talk accountability.

Since there is no cost for this first Accelerator, I’m going to set the requirements-bar pretty high.

Each week I expect students to show up on-time to class with homework completed.

You must have video and audio available so everyone can see and hear you.

In between sessions, I expect you to study for three hours and do another one hour of homework.

If you’re not devoted to learning in this manner, then this is not the course for you. You will be removed from the Accelerator.

And, look, I know a lot is going on in the world. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t sign up. We’re in a pandemic. You might have lost your job or are facing decreased work hours. Someone in your family could be sick.

If that’s the case, it’s not the time for you to join DNAcademy.

But I’ll also say that you shouldn’t be worried about not meeting the requirements of the course and dropping out. Emergencies arise, requirements happen, work calls. I won’t think less of you, and neither will your peers in the class. It’s just life. And you’ll still have access to the online DNAcademy course to go through at your convenience and pace.

I also want to set expectations properly…

The DNAcademy Accelerator may not be offered again.

I’m always experimenting with DNAcademy, and looking for ways to add more value for students.

This DNAcademy Accelerator program is a beta test.

We may not offer in-person training and coaching in a classroom setting again.

This live coaching Accelerator program may not be free in the future.

If you’ve been considering leveling up your knowledge and skillset, don’t lose out on the opportunity to be a part of it.

This is the same training that GoDaddy, Sedo and Uniregistry are using to train their brokers. It’s world class. You can read what students are saying about it at DNAcademy.com/testimonials.

So sign up today and you’re in. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

On Tuesday, June 16th, we meet for the first time. If you see this invitation on the 16th or later — it’s too late to join.

I hope to see you in the DNAcademy Accelerator.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Hope you’re doing well 😉
    I would love to join the accelerator program but my subscription ends October 15. What exactly is the reason you need to have a valid subscription until November 15? The accelerator program will take 8 weeks so it ends August 15….
    Best regards

  2. Hi Michael,

    I’ve signed up for the class. What application will the video class use? I don’t have any video apps on laptop and would like to be prepared.

    1. We’ll be using Zoom. You can download and install it prior, and I’ll be sending out instructions tomorrow to the group.

      Looking forward to the start!

  3. Should we expect to also invest in a certain amount of domain names, tools, etc. during the accelerator program, in order to keep up? Also, I see you give discounts to students, what about teachers? 😂 I’m interested in the lifetime membership. Thank you, in advance!!!

    1. Hi Candace,

      Great question!

      You are not expected to spend any money during this course, and in fact I strongly discourage it until the entire course is complete.

      I will email you directly about your second question.


    1. Post
  4. Great idea Micheal. Should be a lot of fun and will personally make me accountable. I enjoy listening to the podcasts and look forward to the coming weeks.

    1. Post

      Saw it just come through. Welcome!

      We only have one spot in the Accelerator remaining. I know I said all could get in that wanted, but I had NO IDEA there would be interest from 100 people. Yikes.

      Looking forward to kicking off tomorrow.

    1. Post

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