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Complete DNAcademy in 8 weeks with live, expert mentorship and peer networking
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The DNAcademy Accelerator is a live domain name investing program that provides participants with:

  • Investing education
  • Expert coaching and mentorship
  • Key connections within the domain name ecosystem
  • An opportunity to network with other investors in the community
  • An open and safe support system
  • The accountability you need to advance your investing knowledge

The Accelerator is an "add on" (purchased in addition) to a Yearly or Lifetime DNAcademy membership. (Learn more)

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Accelerate Your Learning

The quickest way to learn a topic and become successful is to surround yourself with others working toward the the same goal. Find your community of like-minded people in the DNAcademy Accelerator.


8-Week Program

We meet weekly on a live video conference call. Learn in less than 2 months what normally takes years.

Live Coaching

We review what we learned the past week, what we'll learn the upcoming week, complete a small-group exercise, and answer questions.

Experienced Instructors

Your instructors have been there and done that, and are invested in your success.

Proven Training System

You learn the same methodology and toolset trusted to educate GoDaddy, Sedo and Uniregistry.

It is totally worth it. I learned a lot about buying and selling domain names. So I highly, highly recommend it.
Salim Lakhani
I would say DNAcademy is worth everything that you can pay. If they have another Accelerator club course, I would say sign up for that because why do things alone when you can do things together with like-minded people and learn things. And sometimes people can be brutally honest with you, and sometimes you need it as an investor or a person that's doing something.
Steve Andersen
Anyone on the sidelines considering joining DNAcademy: no questions asked, Just do it. Quite simply, I can't say enough about this course.
Adam Legallienne
And let me just say this -- for those of you out there who are thinking about getting the course but you're on the fence. Maybe you think it's a lot of money for you. Or maybe you're wondering if you are at the right skill level, and the right experience level to benefit from the course. Let me just say: get the course. Do yourself a favor and get the course. In fact, don't just get the course, get the lifetime membership...If you want to build a strong building, you need to start with a foundation. And if you're serious about domaining, you need to start with DNAcademy.
Tom Grow

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How the DNAcademy Accelerator Works

As you know, DNAcademy membership is a self-paced, online training course that allows you to learn to invest in domain names on your own schedule.

But many people prefer to learn in a community setting, which is why in-person events and in-person classes are so popular. And that's why we're offering the DNAcademy Accelerator.

The DNAcademy Accelerator is a live domain name investing program that provides participants with investing education, expert mentorship, key connections within the domain name ecosystem, an opportunity to network with other investors in the community, and the accountability you need to complete the course and advance your investing knowledge.

1Every week your group of students will meet with instructors live, online, in a classroom for 50 minutes. We’ll go over the lesson for the week, discuss what we learned, answer questions, and find out what we’re going to learn in the upcoming week. There will also be an optional 40 minute Q&A/networking session after each class.

2During the next week, the students will go through the DNAcademy course, learn the lessons, take notes, and complete the self-assessment quizzes on their own.

3After 8 weeks, students will have completed the entire DNAcademy course and can continue to access the course online for the remainder of their membership period.

People make all the difference in anything you do.

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Who is the DNAcademy Accelerator For?

Training in "Batches" of Students

Each Accelerator group of students is called a "batch" where students go through DNAcademy at the same time over a 8-week period.

You'll see your batch of fellow Accelerator investors in the classroom, in office hours asking questions, forming informal study groups, supporting each other, and networking within the program.

And statistically speaking, learning programs that incorporate live groups have higher graduation rates, higher accountability, higher involvement, and greater success in the real world.

Who Can Join

The Accelerator is open to both new and existing DNAcademy students in this priority order:

  1. Existing DNAcademy students will have the first opportunity to sign up for the Accelerator.
  2. Then Accelerator waitlist registrations will have access.
  3. Then the general public.

If you’re not a student of DNAcademy yet but want to join the DNAcademy Accelerator, you will have an opportunity to join both DNAcademy and the Accelerator program when the next Accelerator enrollment opens.

Accelerator seats are limited.

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Each week students are expected to show up on-time to class with homework completed. It's unfair to the students who complete their assignments to be slowed down by those that do not.

Students must have video and audio available so everyone in the class can see and hear you.

In between classes, students are expected to study for two to five hours and do another one hour of homework. (Studying and homework duration varies by week.)

If you’re not devoted to learning in this manner, then this is not the course for you. You will be removed from the Accelerator.

Videos of classes will be provided to those who cannot attend live. Knowledge quizzes and homework will be assigned weekly.

If you’ve been considering leveling-up your domain name investing knowledge and skillset...
This is the opportunity you need to be a part of.
Don’t lose your chance.

Your Accelerator Instructors

Jason Sheppard



Michael Cyger

Founder & Instructor

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Additional Questions?

Further questions about our Accelerator program? Contact us.

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The deadline to join the DNAcademy Accelerator is January 28, 2022 or when 30 people have enrolled.