Accelerator Testimonials



The following testimonials were provided by attendees of the Accelerator.

I would say DNAcademy is worth everything that you can pay. If they have another Accelerator club course, I would say sign up for that because why do things alone when you can do things together with like-minded people and learn things. And sometimes people can be brutally honest with you, and sometimes you need it as an investor or a person that's doing something.
Steve Andersen
Don't spend any more money until you take this course and I highly recommend it.
Keenan Hladich
You shouldn't even bother taking other domain classes. They just don't come close to what you'll see with DNAcademy.
Cathy Anderson
Anyone on the sidelines considering joining DNAcademy: no questions asked, Just do it. Quite simply, I can't say enough about this course.
Adam Legallienne
And let me just say this -- for those of you out there who are thinking about getting the course but you're on the fence. Maybe you think it's a lot of money for you. Or maybe you're wondering if you are at the right skill level, and the right experience level to benefit from the course. Let me just say: get the course. Do yourself a favor and get the course. In fact, don't just get the course, get the lifetime membership...If you want to build a strong building, you need to start with a foundation. And if you're serious about domaining, you need to start with DNAcademy.
Tom Grow
It is totally worth it. I learned a lot about buying and selling domain names. So I highly, highly recommend it.
Salim Lakhani
If you'd like to become a successful domain name investor, I highly encourage you to join the DNAcademy. That will be one of the best decisions in your life. Trust me, I know.
Petra Mihaluta
I highly recommend this course.
Pawan Verma
I really can't say enough about it. And for those people who are thinking what they should be doing -- the first thing they should do is to subscribe to DNAcademy and look forward to the class.
Tom Chaffee