Join the DNAcademy Affiliate Program



Take The Course

Every affiliate must take the course before they can recommend it.


Agree to our affiliate terms, provide a W9, and link your PayPal account for payment.


We provide you links and banners, and track your referrals in real time.

Earn Referrals

You earn a referral commission for every paid customer (at any level) you refer to us.

How Our Associate Program Works

As a member of DNAcademy in good standing (DNAcademy Associate), you will earn an affiliate commission for every visitor who clicks through from your promotion and buys a subscription to DNAcademy. Simple as that.

We’ll show you how to use our embeddable banners and basic text links. As long as your associate referral code is included, you will get credit! Your referrals will buy the finest educational content that’s been produced, and you will earn 25% of what they spend.

Step 1: Add Banners to Your Website

We provide you with banners and code that tracks visitors you send via your unique associate code. Drop them in blogposts, on your sidebar, wherever.

Step 2: Add Links to Emails and Signatures

Don’t forget to provide links to DNAcademy from your company newsletters, within your email signatures, and in signatures you use on appropriate discussion forums, such as NamePros.

Step 3: Drive Traffic and Earn

The more you sell, the more you’ll make. Associates earn 25% of every sale — putting cash in your pocket as a commission.

To become an affiliate, you must become a student of DNAcademy, complete the course, agree to our Affiliate Agreement, and then activate your affiliate account.

Gives you 25% of all sales you generate from your promotions

Tracks visitors you send us for 30 days via a cookie

Provides you with real time reports of visitors you send to us

Provides you with creative banners optimized to convert

Sends you monthly payments and other performance incentives

Advanced affiliate settings: register your own domain and more

Further questions about our affiliate program? Contact us.