DNAcademy Bulk Valuations Tool

DNAcademy Bulk Valuations Tool

DNAcademy Bulk Valuations Tool

By Michael Cyger , Founder & Instructor of DNAcademy

Published: December 27, 2021

Quickly assess a portfolio of domain names to determine which are of value and which are worthless with DNAcademy’s Bulk Valuations tool.

Hey everyone! My name is Michael Cyger, and I’m the founder and lead instructor of DNAcademy.

I want to introduce you to the DNAcademy Bulk Valuations tool.

Using this tool, you can quickly characterize and value multiple domain names.

You might want to use the Bulk Valuations tool to assess:

1. Multiple domain names in auction,
2. A portfolio you’re considering purchasing, or
3. Your own portfolio review to determine which domain names to keep and which to auction-off or drop.

DNAcademy members can access the Bulk Valuations tool from either the Toolbox menu, or by visiting the Valuation Worksheet and clicking the Bulk button.

Once you’re at the Bulk Valuations tool, paste in your list of domain names.

If, for example, you wanted to evaluate the top 20 most bid domain names at NameJet, you could copy them, visit the DNAcademy data manipulation tool to remove everything but the domain names, even sort them alphabetically, and paste them into the Bulk Valuations tool.

At the Bulk Valuations tool, step 1 is to validate the domain names. We make sure you don’t have malformed domain names, blank lines are ignored, and you’re only charged once for domain names that might inadvertently be duplicated in the list.

When the list validates, we tell you how many credits will be required, how many you have in your account, and how long the Bulk Valuation will take. A progress indicator shows how much time remains to process your request.

When complete, a CSV of your domain names automatically downloads and allows you to analyze all of the data in Excel or Google Sheets.

For example, you may prefer to only look at characteristics like the count of TLDs or trademarks registered, or only the automated appraisals from GoDaddy, Estibot and Brandpa.

All Bulk Valuations are saved in your Valuations Worksheet as an archive for later reference and download.

If you have any questions about DNAcademy or the Bulk Valuations tool, please use the contact form link the top of DNAcademy.com and I’ll be pleased to reply. Thanks for watching.

Note: You will need an Autofill subscription to use this new tool.

🆕 If you do subscribe to Autofill, you can now use DNAcademy’s new Chrome extension! (More details to come soon.)

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