DNAcademy Acquired by GoDaddy 🎉

GoDaddy Acquires DNAcademy

On Monday, March 21, GoDaddy acquired the content and related assets of DNAcademy, which will be integrated into the GoDaddy Domains product offering. In addition, Michael Cyger joins GoDaddy as a full-time employee, leading this initiative as GoDaddy’s first Director of Education.

Sponsor Mike Cyger in the New York City Marathon

Camp Korey

DNAcademy’s Mike Cyger is fundraising and raising awareness for Camp Korey in the Pacific Northwest. He is going to run the New York City Marathon on Nov 7 and he’d be honored if you joined and supported his run.

What Does Your Domain Name Say About Your Company?

What Does Your Domain Name Say About Your Company?

A domain name says something important about your company to your: 1. 🛍 Customers, 2. 🙋🏽 Employees, 3. 💰 Shareholders. That’s why
@TuftandNeedle, @Clubhouse and @Bubble upgraded their domain names. Here’s a thread on why your company’s domain name is important.

Domain Name Tracking Sheet from DNAcademy

Recently Purchased Domain Names Worksheet

Do you find it difficult to keep track of domain names you’re buying? Download this free, simple PDF to keep track your domain name purchases until you can enter them into your Efty account, Google Sheet, or other account.

Jason Sheppard Joins DNAcademy Accelerator Batch #2 as Instructor

Jason Sheppard Co-Teaches DNAcademy Accelerator Batch #2

DNAcademy is very excited to announce that Jason Sheppard has joined as co-instructor for the second DNAcademy Accelerator! Accelerator Batch #2, co-taught by Michael Cyger and Jason Sheppard will begin on February 2, 2021. The details of the course duration will be finalized this month and additional details will be shared.

DNAcademy’s Policy on Discrimination

DNAcademy welcomes students of all race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, and veteran status, while disavowing those who cause harm through discriminatory language and actions. We feel there’s no need for hate in this world, in any form.

Fun with SquadHelp Naming Contests!

Fun with SquadHelp Naming Contests!

SquadHelp naming contests help you hone your branding skills by suggesting brandable domain names to startup businesses. Now with your DNAcademy membership, you can have your fee waived at SquadHelp.


The Domain Name Investing Journey

The Domain Name Investing Journey

The only way your domain name investing journey can end is success is by acknowledging the pain and reflecting how to change your path going forward.


How Much Is a Domain Name Worth?

You want a great domain name because you understand the benefits to your business. The problem is someone else owns the domain name you want. How much is it worth and how do you go about buying it?


The Definitive Guide to Emoji Domain Names 🚀

The Definitive Guide to Emoji Domains

Will emoji domain names be the next domain name breakout trend that nobody expected? 😲 Emoji domain names are priced higher than you would expect, as they’re owned and used by entrepreneurs and companies alike. 🚀 Will this ground-swell continue? ⏲ will tell.