One of the most important yet least discussed issues in the domain name industry is that of transparency.

To us, it goes beyond press releases, webinars and conference presentations. Transparency is core to our integrity and who we are as a business.

At DNAcademy, we promise 100% transparency: no kickbacks, no commissions, and no recommendations based only on relationships.

What you see is what you get. We make money the old fashioned way - we earn it by delivering value to you.

DNAcademy is an accelerated learning course about domain name investing.

This course does not accept advertising or sponsorships from third party companies.

This course does not accept referral commissions for any recommended products or services.

We never publish paid or sponsored content.

We never use affiliate links.

If a metric, process, methodology, tactic or strategy is mentioned in this course, it is because an instructor believes it is beneficial to a student's education to include it. Domain name investing changes over time and we fully expect some content, recommendations and software recommendations contained with this course to change as well. But they will change because -- from an editorial standpoint -- we believe they should change, not because a company is sponsoring our content.

DNAcademy is owned and operated by Web X.0 Media. On our website, you can read about our other publications.

DNAcademy used to be a "sister website" to DomainSherpa because they were both published by Michael Cyger, Web X.0 Media. In October 2017, DomainSherpa was sold to Media Options.

Web X.0 Media previously published and sold a domain name tax guide, DNTaxGuide.com, but in November 2017 it was removed from independent sale and is included with every purchase of DNAcademy.

Web X.0 Media owns a minority equity stake in Efty, a domain name portfolio management company. Here's why.