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Domain Name Comparison Tool

By Michael Cyger, Founder of DomainSherpa & Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: December 21, 2020

Compare two domain names side-by-side across 35 characteristics that define the value of the domain name to a company. Fast and easily find the reasons why one domain name is worth more than the other.


Hey everyone! My name is Michael Cyger, and I’m the publisher and lead instructor of DNAcademy.

I used to love playing the video game Street Fighter. It came out in 1987 and new versions spanned the next few decades.

The cool thing about this game is that anyone could walk up to the console, drop in a quarter, and you could go head-to-head to see who reigns supreme.

Now you can do the exact same thing with the DNAcademy Domain Name Comparison tool.

Drop in two domain names and easily compare them across 36 characteristics, such as search volume, cost per click, TLD registered count, and number of companies using the word in their name.

For example, let’s say I want to compare a domain name I’m thinking of purchasing,, to, a domain name that sold for $11,918 in 2020 at Sedo. Clearly the word nerve has fewer characters and syllables, but I don’t know much else about it unless I look at the data.

And going back and forth between 15 different tools is cumbersome and time consuming.

But using the DNAcademy Domain Compare tool makes it a snap.

I can see they’re both generic words. They both have a similar quantity of registered TLDs. Both words are contained in a similar quantity of registered SLDs. And both have similar exact match trademarks counts.

But if we dig deeper into the data we can see that the word controller has a Google Trend that’s increasing, has about 50% more companies using the word controller within their name, and is used in about twice as many broad match trademarks.

Crunchbase, a database of early-stage startups, also shows a massive difference between companies that use the word nerve and controller in their name. And Github, a code hosting platform for developers, shows that developers prefer to name their code bases with the word controller over the word nerve.

Using this data, I can see that there are a lot of startups that like and use the word controller. That’s a beauty of this tool and the DNAcademy Valuation Worksheet — we aggregate data from disparate sources using more than 15 APIs and present it to you in less than 5 seconds.

This tool is useful before buying a domain name, before pricing a domain name, and before selling a domain name.

The data by itself is not going to tell you if the domain name is going to sell for more than someday soon, but if I’m spending a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars on a domain name — I’d rather make an informed decision after looking at all the data.

This DNAcademy member tool is launched in beta and is live now. You can find it by going to the Toolbox pulldown menu, just under the Valuation Worksheet.

You can also access this tool by typing in a URL directly like using the querystring parameters of d1 and d2.

You will need an Autofill subscription to populate the data because we connect to more than 15 data sources to pull the data for you in 5 seconds or less.

We will be continuing to improve this tool over time, but if you have suggestions please feel free to post them to the private discussion forum or send us an email through the Contact Us link in the footer of the page.

If you’re a DNAcademy member and there’s another tool you would like to see us develop, use the Contact Us link in the footer and let us know.

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