Easily Find Email Addresses with One Click

Easily Find Email Addresses with One Click

Easily Find Email Addresses with One Click

By Michael Cyger, Founder of DomainSherpa & Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: October 24, 2019

I’ve been using a free Chrome extension for months that I cannot live without. It helps me find contact information for people associated with websites so I can email them directly. It’s dead simple to install, and in this lesson I’ll show you how to use it.

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for joining me on today’s DNAcademy podcast. My name is Michael Cyger, and I’m here to help you become a more profitable domain name investor and entrepreneur.

I use the Chrome browser by Google, and there’s an extension that I’ve been using for months that I cannot live without.

I use it to:

  • Find email addresses for people I want to cold email.
  • Find email addresses so I can send a personal email, rather than using a website form and having no guarantee it’s reaching the person I want
  • See who else is at the company I might want to reach out to.
  • See what email format they use for employees at a company.

The Chrome extension is called Hunter, and the website associated with the Chrome extension is at Hunter.io.

Hunter Chrome extension to find email addresses of websites

Let me show you how to install and use it.

When you start up your Chrome browser, visit https://chrome.google.com/webstore/ and type “hunter” into the search box at the top, left-hand corner of the page:

Find the Hunter extension in the Chrome webstore

Scroll down the search results, find the “Hunter: Find email addresses in seconds” extension, and click the “Add to Chrome” button:

Install the Hunter extension in your Chrome browser

After you install it, you’ll see it in your browser toolbar:

Hunter icon in the Chrome browser bar

Anytime you visit a website, click the Hunter icon, it will display an overlay window, and you’ll see every email address it can find associated with that website.

One of the benefits of being a DNAcademy student is that you get access to a paid tool called ZFBot.com. When I want to find potential buyers of a domain name I own — say Matinee.com — I type “matinee” into ZFBot and it gives me a listing of other domain names with the word matinee contained in it.

The idea is that if I were to do cold, outbound emails to owners of those domain names, one of them might want to upgrade to Matinee.com and buy my domain name.

Here I search for matinee, and I can see 198 domain names registered with the word matinee in them. If I click matinee.se to visit that website, although it redirects to a sound-alike domain name, I can easily find the CEO of the company. And if I click matineeaccounting.com to visit that website, I can also find a contact to reach out to.

Easily find Email Addresses Animation

Clearly, the domain name must have a functioning website for the Hunter extension to work. That’s the only limitation.

But it can be used beyond just cold, outbound emails to sell domain names.

Let’s say you want to get in touch with me but don’t want to use a website form, you can visit DNAcademy.com, click the Hunter extension icon, and easily find my email address:

Hunter details for DNAcademy.com

One of the nice features about the extension is that it also gives you an idea of how email addresses are formatted for each domain name. For example, on DNAcademy.com, you can see it lists {first}@dnacademy.com. Whereas at Google.com, you can see it lists {first}{last}@google.com:

Hunter details for Google.com

If you ever want to remove the extension from your Chrome browser, simply visit https://chrome://extensions/ in your address bar, click the “Remove” button, and follow the prompts.

The Hunter extension for Chrome is that simple.

Thank you so much for making the decision to watch, read or listen to the DNAcademy blog.

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If you want to learn a structured methodology, master a set of tools, and think more analytically on your journey to becoming a more profitable domain name investor or entrepreneur, consider signing up for DNAcademy.

My name is Michael Cyger and I’m here to help you become a more profitable domain name investor, broker or entrepreneur.

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