With a BASIC account, you get 12-months of access to the ultimate domain name investing course. Included is a valuation quiz (keywords, brands, numerics and new gTLDs) that is individually reviewed by course instructor Michael Cyger. He will provide you feedback, make sure you understand the core concepts that all investing activities are built on, or he’ll send you back to specific lessons to review.

With a PRO account you get 12-months of access to the ultimate domain name investing course AND you also get access to the private discussion forum (no dumb questions), can create or join a private DNA networking support group, can participate in live webinar events where you can ask questions of industry experts, will receive supplementary learning materials and guides, as well as all of the bonuses listed below.

The course includes written content, video tutorials, suggested exercises, quizzes and supplemental learning material. About 50% of the course is written content, and 50% is in video tutorial format.

Certain software products are recommended for domain name investors, and tutorials of those products are included within this course. In some cases, the software is free or allows for a certain number of free accesses per day. In other cases, you must buy the software. When purchase is necessary, we work to secure discounts exclusive to DNAcademy students.

Note: No affiliate income is generated from this course; only products we believe in are recommended. It is not required to buy any of the software in order to be a successful domain name investor, and you can complete this course without doing so.

The course includes written text as well as video tutorials. As such, you’ll want to watch, pause, and review some videos multiple times. Plus, there are guides to review and fill out, and recommended exercises. Add to that the time to take quizzes, as well as extra real-world applications you want to do to test what you’re learning, and you’ll be pretty busy.

Self-paced students spend 20-40 hours to complete the DNAcademy course. Since students study at their own speed as their schedule allows, how long it takes depends on how many hours are dedicated to studying each day or week.

Take as much or as little time as you need. Once you purchase the course, you have access to it for 12 months.

We have developed this course to serve every level of knowledge. We start by teaching you everything you will need to know to build a solid foundation, then we ramp it up to teach you the advanced tactics and strategies to help make you a successful domain name investor.
Absolutely! Once you complete the course, you will be ready to make money online buying and selling domain names from the comfort of your own home!

While there are other courses and ebooks available, we pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and comprehensive course you will find on buying and selling domain names.

This is a professionally developed course created by an industry veteran. It’s architected, designed, crafted and edited by journalists with backgrounds in publishing and education.

We have created a success formula: gain knowledge + use tools + build relationships = success.

The Internet is an amazing source of information. You can go online and read about domain name investing and find everything you ever wanted to know. Unfortunately, that comes with a bunch of information that is outdated, opinionated, biased or flat-out wrong. And, time is money.

Instead of spending those weeks or months, you could take the DNAcademy course and in a matter of days be up to speed on all the fundamentals of domain name investing.

In DNAcademy, you’re going to get curated, professionally developed and tested information that will save you time, prevent you from repeating the mistakes of others, and get you properly investing sooner.

At DNAcademy, we provide the finest domain name investing education in the world, and our commitment to your satisfaction is backed by a guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the DNAcademy course for any reason, let us know within 7 calendar days of your purchase and we’ll refund you the entire cost of the course.

Use the refund form found at the bottom of your Account Details page to request your refund.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the results or outcome of your investment actions. We can only educate, guide and provide you access to our support system — whether you complete the course, learn the materials, and actively participate is up to you.

No. By buying this course you are purchasing a single license with a legal agreement to only use that course for your own individual personal learning purposes. Sharing passwords is equivalent to software piracy and against our user policy. Instead, please contact us and we will offer you excellent group rates.

Sure! Give us a call, email us, or contact us through our Contact Us form.

Our learning plan specialists (ok, it’s Michael Cyger, our publisher) are great at helping folks just like you figure out the best plan to achieve your learning goals.

Right now!

The course is asynchronous, meaning you can start it whenever you want. You’re not bound to starting at the same time as other students.

Plus, you can learn at your own pace, as your schedule allows — during the day during your lunch breaks, at night after the kids are in bed, or even on the weekends.

We accept credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, as well as payment by PayPal.

We also accept Wire and Bitcoin, but you’ll need to contact us to arrange for these types of payment.

Probably not. I’m sure there are some strategies and tactics that could increase your revenue and save you time, but this course is really geared towards people who are just beginning to invest in domain names or have invested for a few years and are not seeing consistent returns.

Half the course is on the fundaments of valuation, because if you can’t value domain names you can’t invest properly. The other half of the course is on buying and selling domain names, as well as running your business — so if you feel like you’re missing some key points in these areas then the course may be for you.





  • 12-Month Access to the DNAcademy Course
  • Continually Updated Content
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  • 12-Month Access to the DNAcademy Course
  • Course Curriculum Customized to Your Business Needs
  • Discounted Per-Seat Agreements
  • Simplified Billing

"Prior to DNAcademy, I read every website I could find about domain investing but I was still very confused. The course was a logical, cohesive, step-by-step training guide to investing. Now I have the tools I need to be successful and now I am ready to conquer. If you're new to domain investing, take this course before you waste another dollar - you will be better for it in the long run."
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Todd W. Fisher, Phy.D.
Aliso Viejo, CA
"Prior to taking the course, I found understanding the market quite difficult. DNAcademy provided an overview of tools, techniques and context that has greatly improved my comprehension of domain valuation and the secondary market. I recommend DNAcademy to anyone who is interested in learning more about domain investing."
Parker Kaback
Casco Viejo, Panama
"Before taking DNAcademy I had no idea how to pick and value a domain. I now know what to look for and what has value. DNAcademy provided me that step by step road map. DNAcademy is a perfect course to fast track your education in domain investing."
Jack Parolini
Jacksonville, FL
"Domain investing was confusing, overwhelming and frustrating. But DNAcademy provided the theory, framework and educational foundation that I was looking for. I now feel empowered as an investor. I highly recommend DNAcademy to anyone who wants to start investing in domain names."
John Burgos Jr.
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