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In DNAcademy, you get access to the world's most comprehensive training program that will accelerate your learning and competence in domain name valuation and investing.

Included are expertly written training lessons, extensive training videos not found elsewhere, quick reference guides, case studies with real-world examples, learning quizzes, instructional guides, worksheets, exclusive pre-recorded webinar events with industry experts, and much more.

In addition to access to the ultimate domain name investing course, you also get access to our private discussion forum (where there are no dumb questions) and our private DNA networking support groups.

The course includes written content, video tutorials, suggested exercises, quizzes and supplemental learning material. About 50% of the course is written content, and 50% is in video tutorial format.

Certain software products are recommended for domain name investors, and tutorials of those products are included within this course. In some cases, the software is free or allows for a certain number of free accesses per day. In other cases, you must buy the software. When purchase is necessary, we work to secure discounts exclusive to DNAcademy students.

The course includes written text as well as video tutorials. As such, you'll want to watch, pause, and review some videos multiple times. Plus, there are guides to review and fill out, and recommended exercises. Add to that the time to take quizzes, as well as extra real-world applications you want to do to test what you're learning, and you'll be pretty busy.

Self-paced students spend 20-40 hours to complete the DNAcademy course. Since students study at their own speed as their schedule allows, how long it takes depends on how many hours are dedicated to studying each day or week.

Take as much or as little time as you need. You have access to the entire course upon payment.

We have developed this course to serve every level of knowledge. We start by teaching you everything you will need to know to build a solid foundation, then we ramp it up to teach you the advanced tactics and strategies to help make you a successful domain name investor.

DNAcademy is TLD (top-level domain) agnostic.

We focus on the fundamentals of domain names and investing, rather than trends that change. We teach you how to understand what makes a second-level domain valuable in any TLD.

The lessons you learn within DNAcademy are applicable to all TLDs (new and original), all ccTLDs (country code TLDs), and even the newest non-ICANN approved TLDs like Handshake and Unstoppable.

Absolutely! Once you complete the course, you will be ready to make money online buying and selling domain names from the comfort of your own home!

While there are other courses and ebooks available, we pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and comprehensive course you will find on buying and selling domain names.

This is a professionally developed course created by an industry veteran. It's architected, designed, crafted and edited by journalists with backgrounds in publishing and education.

We have created a success formula: gain knowledge + use tools + build relationships = success.

Both the Yearly and Lifetime membership options include the same content and benefits, but the timelines for access are different.

If you think you might want access to these benefits for more than one year, then a Lifetime membership might be a better choice for you:

  • A private discussion forum, moderated by instructors who are all successful domain investors and are here to answer your questions not answered by the course
  • Access to DNAcademy's Legal Library (sample contracts), SOP Library (160+ how-to guides), and DNTaxGuide information
  • Discounts on registrations/renewals, investing software, conference entrance fees, marketplace memberships, etc.)
  • Software included in DNAcademy (Domain Explorer, Data Manipulation Tools, How Many People?, What's the Population, etc.)
  • DNAcademy certifications and credentials
  • Priority access to register for live DNAcademy events, like Brandable Bootcamps and Accelerators, and new training when we offer it
  • Updated and new lessons as the industry evolves

Note: DNAcademy allows you to upgrade to Lifetime within the first two weeks of your Yearly membership for only the difference in cost, so you can get access, try the membership, and see if the Lifetime option might be better for you. To do so, contact us.

The Internet is an amazing source of information. You can go online and learn about domain name investing and find everything you ever wanted to know.

Unfortunately, learning from the Internet comes with a bunch of information that is outdated, opinionated, biased (sometimes misleading) or flat-out wrong. And it's not presented in order, from "A to Z" where concepts build on a foundation of knowledge.

Of course you could spend the time to figure out what's not relevant and organize it in order by yourself, but time is money.

Instead of spending those years reading, watching and listening to everything that's available online, you could take the DNAcademy course and in a matter of weeks be up to speed on all the fundamentals of domain name investing.

In DNAcademy, you’re going to get curated, professionally developed and tested information that will save you time, prevent you from repeating the mistakes of others, and get you properly investing sooner. That's the reason why so many companies (Uniregistry, GoDaddy, Payoneer, NamesCon, WorldHostingDays, to name a few) are training their employees with DNAcademy.

In addition, we share real-life case studies, tested legal agreements, video tutorials that walk you through specific tasks, and a private, "no dumb questions" discussion forum where you can ask anything without fear.

At DNAcademy, we provide the finest domain name investing education in the world, and our commitment to your satisfaction is backed by a guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with the DNAcademy course for any reason, let us know within 14 calendar days of your purchase and we'll refund you the entire cost of the course.

Use the refund form found at the bottom of your Account Details page to request your refund.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the results or outcome of your investment actions. We can only educate, guide and provide you access to our support system -- whether you complete the course, learn the materials, and actively participate is up to you.

The satisfaction guarantee is offered to ensure that you're satisfied with the quality of the DNAcademy course, once you pay and gain access. (You can also read our student testimonials.)

DNAcademy is not a get rich quick system. It takes time to learn a new investing methodology, framework and set of tools. It's not something you can do within a week, a month or -- for many -- a year. It takes time, and how long depends on your ability to learn, aptitude, and skills you have as you enter the course.

Pick any asset class: stocks, bonds, real estate, art work, automobiles, stamps, coins, comic books, etc. It is unlikely you can learn to be a successful investor in any of these within two weeks, just like with domain names.

Our satisfaction guarantee doesn't relate whether you will succeed or not in domain name investing. It's about the quality of our course. As we say in our satisfaction guarantee, "Please note that we cannot guarantee the results or outcome of your investment actions. We can only educate, guide and provide you access to our support system — whether you complete the course, learn the materials, and actively participate is up to you."

No, you cannot share your password or account access.

Because our system tracks your individual progress throughout the course (and shows you what you haven't learned when we add new lessons to the course), allows you to ask personalized questions on our private discussion forum, and provides credentials to you on your personal and public membership profile, we require each member to have their own account.

We are providing the industry's leading course content and individualized support from instructors, and in order for us to continue to provide best-in-class resources we believe every student should have their own membership.

By buying this course you are purchasing a single license with a legal agreement to only use that course for your own individual personal learning purposes. Sharing passwords is equivalent to software piracy and against our user policy.

If you contact us, we will offer group rates. Please let us know how many memberships you are inquiring about when you contact us.

Sure! Give us a call, email us, or contact us through our Contact Us form.

Our learning plan specialists (ok, it's Michael Cyger, our publisher) are great at helping folks just like you figure out the best plan to achieve your learning goals.

Right now!

The course is asynchronous, meaning you can start it whenever you want. You're not bound to starting at the same time as other students.

Plus, you can learn at your own pace, as your schedule allows -- during the day during your lunch breaks, at night after the kids are in bed, or even on the weekends.

We accept credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, as well as payment by PayPal.

We also accept PayPal, Wire, Bitcoin and Etherium, but you'll need to contact us to arrange for these types of payment.

If you were already making money in domain name investing, you'd likely not be here. But you are, and DNAcademy can fill in the gaps you have in your knowledge to help you become a successful domain name investor.

In addition, there are strategies and tactics that could increase your revenue and save you time. For example, saving big $ on every domain purchase/renewal and getting a VIP relationship at Uniregistry. Or the free software that's included in the course.

Half the course is on the fundaments of valuation, because if you can't value domain names you can't invest properly. The other half of the course is on buying and selling domain names, as well as running your business. So if you feel like you're missing some domain name investing knowledge, then DNAcademy is for you.

A Yearly or Lifetime membership is how you access the learning course in DNAcademy.

The Live DNAcademy Accelerator program is an add-on option available only with a DNAcademy membership. It is offered three times per year.

With a DNAcademy membership, you learn how to invest in domain names by going through the course on your own, at your own pace. This is sometimes referred to as asynchronous learning. You can sign up to go through DNAcademy with either a Yearly or Lifetime membership option. With either of these options, you can review any lessons you want at any time during your membership, ask questions and receive answers in the private discussion forum, and start or join a peer-to-peer networking group.

For those who would like the experience of synchronous learning—that is, directed learning together in a group—we offer an add-on option called the Accelerator. In the Accelerator program, you join a group of people who all go through the DNAcademy course together, via live, instructor-led sessions and homework assignments over an 8-week period. It includes live networking and expert Q&A with instructors every week.

You must have a DNAcademy membership (either Yearly or Lifetime) to be able to register for the Accelerator. If you are interested in registering for the Accelerator but do not yet have a DNAcademy membership, you can sign up for a membership at the same time you register for the Accelerator.

Please note, however, that DNAcademy members with an active membership are always given first priority to reserve a spot in our live courses, on a first-come, first-reserved basis. Then we offer registration opportunities to newsletter subscribers, and finally to all others.

DNAcademy was built to teach you how to value, buy, sell and manage your domain name assets.

DNAcademy can teach you how to passively list your domain names for sale, to encourage the "highest and best use case" buyer to contact you to buy them, and how to do outbound marketing on your domain names if you want to sell them.

By learning domain name skills yourself, you save yourself 15-20% broker commissions and you take control of your destiny.

But skills take time to learn and practice to master, so while DNAcademy can teach you how to sell your premium domain name, it might not be something you want to do. If that's the case, we suggest you contact a reputable domain name broker and ask them if they will represent you as the seller of the domain name. Here is a list of brokers. (DNAcademy does not maintain nor endorse this list.)

In DNAcademy, we teach each student all the skills they need to be successful as a domain name investor, broker, entrepreneur and/or webmaster.

The first half of the course is focused on the valuation of domain names. Each domain name is a unique asset, and each must have the characteristics defined and understood before you can determine comparable sales, and finally determine a retail and wholesale price for each domain name.

Anyone who says they can do a whole portfolio review for you for free either doesn't understand what it takes to do a proper domain name valuation, or they're over-promising and will definitely under-deliver. (Or, perhaps, they just want to hand-pick the ones they think are good and not provide you the benefit you were told you were going to receive.)

In addition, you cannot simply put your domain names into a bulk domain name valuation tool, as accurate as they are in some cases, because they invariably over- and under-estimate the true market value for domain names. It would be the same as simply putting your home address into and taking the value it says without any discussion -- no one would do that.

To properly characterize, find comparables, and value a domain name is a 5 to 15 minute task per domain name.

If you own the domain name portfolio, you can easily do this each time a domain name comes up for renewal. You can also easily do it each time you are considering buying a domain name. But to ask someone else to do this for free is not reasonable. And if you're not paying them, then you're likely going to get what you paid for.

Ryan Descafano
Individual Investor

"This morning I wrapped up the course it was amazing. I now have a tried and tested system for valuation and the knowledge I need going forward."



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