Is GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club Financially Worthwhile?

Is GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club Financially Worthwhile?

By Michael Cyger, Founder of DomainSherpa & Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: April 27, 2018 | Updated: December 12, 2020

I received an email from a good friend of mine asking if GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club was worthwhile for him to purchase. This video answers that question and helps anyone figure out if GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club makes financial sense using the provided breakeven calculator.

Breakeven Calculator Updated for 2021

I received an email from a good friend of mine asking if GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club was worthwhile for him to purchase. This video answers that question and helps anyone figure out if GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club makes financial sense.

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for joining me on today’s DNAcademy podcast. My name is Michael Cyger, and I’m here to help you become a more profitable domain name investor.

A startup entrepreneur and good friend of mine sent me an email asking if the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club was worthwhile to purchase or if it was a waste of money.

He wrote:

“Is the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club worthwhile if I have about 75 various domains to renew? I did it last year but think I had a coupon. It’s about $120/yr and I think it makes sense but it’s confusing to me with all the options. I don’t need the auctions or other features, just discounts on renewals and new domain registrations. What are your thoughts?”

GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club is like a Costco membership — you pay a yearly fee upfront and then you get access to discounted products.

In GoDaddy’s case, you pay $119.88 per year and you can register and renew domain names for between 20 and 60 percent off their standard retail pricing.

GoDaddy promotes the Domain Discount Club as $9.99 per month but you have to buy it for 12 months, so it’s really $119.88 per year. Don’t be confused like I was.

Now — for simplicity let’s assume my friend’s 75 domain names were all .com. GoDaddy charges $14.99 for regular retail renewals, and discounts them to $8.29 in the Domain Discount Club.

But wait a moment, you also have to pay 18 cents per domain name for an ICANN fee, and then sales tax.

So if my friend was NOT in GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club, he would pay $15.17 per .com domain name (which is the $14.99 price plus the 18 cent ICANN fee) multiplied by 75 domain names, multiplied by 1.084 (for 8.4% Washington State sales tax), which equals $1,233.32 per year.

But — if my friend joined GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club, he would pay $8.47 per .com domain name (which is the $8.29 price plus the 18 cent ICANN fee), multiplied by 75 domain names, multiplied by 1.084 (again, for 8.4% Washington State sales tax), plus the $119.88 GoDaddy Domain Discount Club annual fee, which equals $818.56.

You can see my friend is saving $414.76 per year being in GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club with his 75 domain name renewals.

Now, for those of us in the industry we know that you can go hunting on discussion forums like namePros.com or coupon sites like RetailMeNot.com to find domain name registration or renewal discount codes that will likely work for one or two domain names.

But we also know that we’ll waste at least 15 minutes searching for a coupon, trying and failing over and over again, and — at the end of the day — time is money, and most of us don’t have the time to find valid discounts coupons.

So if you’re running a business, you prefer GoDaddy as you’re registrar, you don’t have time to waste, and you renew at least 18 domain names a year, I suggest you go for GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club.

I’ve created the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club Breakeven Calculator that you can use with some of the major top-level domains like .com, .net and .org, as well as a catch-all .other top-level domain box for all your other domain names.

Scroll down below this video, or if you’re on YouTube click the first link to use the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club Breakeven Calculator.

Play with the calculator and let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you would like to be able to see the pricing of the domains with and without Domain Discount Club, please let me know in the comments and I’ll consider upgrading the calculator interface in the future.

And, if you use coupon code CJCRMN35 you can get 20% off the cost of your GoDaddy Domain Discount Club annual price.

If I find a better coupon, I’ll post it below the video. If you find a coupon’s not working or you have a better Domain Discount Club coupon, post a comment and let me know.

But please, I don’t want ANY coupon codes for GoDaddy, just valid ones for GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club. So any other coupon comments will be marked as spam and deleted.

Finally, I have no affiliation with GoDaddy other than having some of my domain names registered with them. I’m not compensated for the coupon code listed on this page, nor for creating this Domain Discount Club breakeven calculator.

I hope this calculator and lesson has been helpful to you in your domain name activities. If you want to learn a methodology, master a set of tools, and think more analytically on your journey to become a more profitable domain name investor, consider signing up for DNAcademy.

Thank you so much for making the decision to watch or listen to the DNAcademy Investor Insights blog.

If you want to subscribe, go to dnacademy.com/itunes, dnacademy.com/stitcher, dnacademy.com/youtube or dnacademy.com/newsletter to sign up.

My name is Michael Cyger and I’m here to help you become a more profitable domain name investor. Please subscribe to this podcast, and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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      That’s out of the scope of the research of this vlog post and calculator. You should probably speak to a tax professional in India, or your colleagues there. Sorry I don’t have a better answer. Paying taxes is a requirement of me in Washington State, where I live.

  1. I prefer Uniregistry but now I’m going to run the numbers as I still have domains at GoDaddy too.

    Nice blog.

    1. Post

      Thanks, Dan. I really like Uniregistry too because of their interface. It is probably the best in the industry.

      Glad you found this analysis helpful and I hope it saves you money going forward.

  2. Go to Porkbun or NameSilo and forget the GoDaddy discount club nonsense and all the upsell screens. Add free domain privacy protection there’s no comparison to the value of the two aformentioned registrars.

    1. Post

      While I appreciate your opinion, Bill, the purpose of this analysis was IF you’re already at GoDaddy, does it make sense to pay for DDC. We could discuss all the pros and cons of GoDaddy versus any other registrar, but it would be a long discussion. 🙂

      Thanks for watching and taking a moment to post a comment. I appreciate it.

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  3. What I do is I make sure my names are renewed for a few months ahead of time. I learned my lesson the hard way with a sudden illness about 8 years ago which left me hospitalized for 6 weeks, initially, and on and off for the next 6 months. I lost a lot of good names in that 6 week time and struggled to renew my other names due to hospital bills and just plain old being not well. Since then I began renewing names I knew I wanted to keep well ahead of time. I have a 3-4 month cushion on domains that I know I will keep another year. For those I really like and want to develop or keep forever I have already renewed those to the max and keep them renewed each year too.

    Anyway, right now my year-to-year names are renewed through end of July 2018. Next month I will renew my August year-to-year names, and so on. Come next January when the DDC product expires I will be renewed through end of April 2019 so I can wait until there is at least a 35% off coupon for new purchases. One year I was able to snag a 40% off coupon. So that $120/yr cost for the DDC can be had for a nice chunk lower. The coupons I look for are for a percentage off new products.

    In order to be able to use that sort of coupon for the DDC you *must delete* the expired DDC product from your list of products. Otherwise the coupon will not work. The first year I tried to use a coupon like that it didnt work because I didnt delete the DDC. I got on chat with a GD rep and they told me to delete the product and try again. From then on that is what I do. I delete it as soon as it expires. Yes, there will be a window of time that I will have no DDC and what I do if I need a new name is I use another registrar that is cheaper, usually NameSilo. When I finally get back into the DDC I also work on padding that 3-4 month cushion of renewals again.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Post

      Good tips, Anthony. Thanks for contributing those, and I’m glad to hear you’re doing better too.

    1. Post

      That’s why I like Uniregistry. Everyone has their favorite registrars. 🙂

      I definitely think that whois privacy *should* be included with GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club, but I guess GoDaddy hasn’t seen it that way yet!

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    1. Post

      In my analysis, I ran a full comparison between GoDaddy’s DDC, Uniregistry with DNAcademy VIP pricing (included with every membership), and Domain Cost Club, but I thought it “muddied the waters” on the question that was the focus of this post. So I only titled this post with respect to GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club.

      You are correct that Domain Cost Club is less expensive, and it comes with some features like free whois privacy that you have to pay for at GoDaddy, but you lose fast transfer, getting domains into GoDaddy’s broker’s visibility, and other benefits that only the top registrar in the world can provide. I’ll be doing more blog posts in the future on this topic for sure.

      Thanks for watching and posting a comment.

  4. Thanks Michael for Post! Personally i prefer GoDaddy.but Uniregistry is alsa a good registrar with
    many pros and Great Brokers.
    Just noticed that some domains in my GoDaddy “auto-renwed” even if i had turned the autorenewal off.
    My personal tips to everone is: keep ONYL your great Top-domains. dont register and renew hundreds or
    even thousands of “average” domains.its wasted time and money.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I tried to use “CJCRMN35” to renew our Domain Discount Club and was told that it cannot be used fora renewal of the club. Is that your understanding?

    Thanks, Gil Rosenbrier

    1. Post

      I found the code online and do not know if it works for renewal of your DDC. I only verified it works for new accounts.

      Perhaps you need to wait for your DDC to full expire in your account before you use the code. Again, I’m not sure.

      I think hunting for a DDC coupon code might be worthwhile to save $10 or $20. If you find one that works, please post a follow-up comment here. Thanks, Gil!

  6. Hi Michael,

    I am looking at the DCC at the moment since seeing this. One thing that isn’t clearly mentioned is whether domains bought from Go Daddy expired auctions are discounted as well (the one year of registration you pay together with the auction price.) They are not new registrations or “transfers” as such I’m pretty sure, so was wondering if the DCC club discounts covered these purchases as well (the reg fee only or course) so you don’t have to pay full wack (about $15) on those.


    1. Post

      Hi Hanama,

      Great question. Yes, when you buy domain names at GoDaddy Auction, the DCC pricing of domain names is included.

      Here’s the confirmation of the last purchase I’ve made on GoDaddy Auctions, with the DCC pricing applied:

      Hope that helps,

    1. Post
  7. The calculator is good, but should have the ability to specify the number of renewal years. For example, 1 year renewal may not be worth it because of the upfront fee in the Domain Discount Club. Would have been good if users could specify not only the number of years, but also the price they are paying for Domain Discount Club since many coupons exist.

    1. Post

      Hi MJ,

      Thanks for checking out the calculator.

      It doesn’t make any difference whether you enter 1 or 10 years. The savings per year are the same regardless, since it’s a per-year basis.

      In other words, if you’re not saving money in year 1 it will make no difference in year 10.

      Hope that helps,

  8. Hello Michael! You have shared a good info about domain. It is definitely give me a advantage to sign up. Thanks

  9. Current Domain Discount Club 20%-off Coupon: CJCRMN35

    Just used this and it worked. Price went from $119.88 down to $85.72
    THANKS for posting this.

    My GD discount club membership expired in november 2018. I renewed everything so nothing expired until late january 2019. If you try to use a discount code right up front when you renew, GD will not allow it.

    In the past I called my GD rep and asked to be allowed to use a discount code. I also found that if you let it laps for a few months then go to renew with a discount code it will allow the code and you don’t have to call in and beg. I used to have about 100 domains of my own and customers that I managed. I am down from that now as I got out of the website biz for the most part and let a bunch of my worth-less domains go. I still have enough that it pays to be a domain discount club member but only if I can use a discount code, I now know how to arrange it so I can.


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  10. The coupons Of GoDaddy’s Domain Discount is worth purchasing thanks for given the brief description of your coupons .

  11. Given info about godaddy domain discount club is really informative because I want to buy new domain and hope it work for me. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for the sharing good knowledge and information. Its very helpful and understanding.. as we are looking for this information since long time.

  13. Given info about godaddy domain discount club is really informative because I want to buy new domain and hope it work for me. Thanks for sharing.

  14. With Godaddy DDC, are we able to get a discount on multiyear renewals as well? I have several domains I’d like to extend 8-10 years, so that would be a nice savings in that case.

    1. Post

      Yes. Once you pay for DDC at GoDaddy, you can then renew any of your domain names at discounted prices for up to 10 years. You don’t have to renew it next year to keep that discount.

  15. Go Daddy is charging me up to $350 to renew one of my .com domains, and higher prices on several others citing the “value” of the domain. I thought we were locked in at a $14.99 renewal? What happened? I always paid the $14.99 renewal and HAD the dicount domain on my account. That has been deleted and I am geting upcharged up the wazoo!

    1. I think you might be mistaken. The .com registry (Verisign) does not allow premium renewals on .com, and GoDaddy does not charge for them.

      Perhaps you were thinking of a domain name you wanted to buy from a third-party that had a premium purchase price? Or maybe it included hosting and other services?

      And, none of this has to do with the Domain Discount Club. Please stay on topic here. If you need help with GoDaddy, please visit https://www.godaddy.com/contact-us for their support.

  16. I am staying on topic, I had a long chat with Godaddy after trying to RENEW my domains last night, I own SEVERAL for SEVERAL YEARS with Godaddy, and have renewed them SEVERAL TIMES in the past, I am not buying, and I have renewed these several times with the domain discount program over the last few years of which I have paid for. They advised now that I only get 20-30% off when renewing these domains, one of which was well over $300 to renew. So since when do they start charging people for their perceived value of the domain and not the renewal fee that was advertised, or are you not aware of this practice yet. Ironicallly I thought they used to provide a printout of your chat with them, of which was not an option last night and was not emailed either or I would have happily shared that here.

    1. The title of this article is “Is GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club Financially Worthwhile?”

      Are you a paid customer of GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club?

  17. Hi, I just noticed that domain discount club is now $239.88/year. That seems like highway robbery – – not to mention that many prices seem to have gone up quite a bit since last year. Ugh.

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