GoDaddy For-Sale Landing Page Options

GoDaddy For-Sale Landing Page Options

GoDaddy For-Sale Landing Page Options

By Michael Cyger, Founder of DomainSherpa & Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: November 20, 2020
Updated: April 26, 2021 (Now Including GoDaddy BIN Lander, Option 2)

If you list your domain names for sale on GoDaddy, you don’t have to use the default Afternic for-sale landing page. You can use GoDaddy for-sale landing pages, and there are quite a few design options.


Hey everyone! My name is Michael Cyger, and I’m the publisher and lead instructor of DNAcademy.

Without a doubt, GoDaddy is the largest registrar today.

And that makes GoDaddy the best-known registrar around the world.

So it makes sense that if you want to sell your domain name, you want it to be listed for sale with the most well-known, largest registrar in the world.

Because if people are familiar with a company, they’re more likely to feel secure doing business with that company and are more likely to purchase from that company.

But everything comes with a trade-off.

If you use GoDaddy to sell your domain name, it’s going to cost you 20% of the sale price in commission.

For a $1,000 domain name sale, GoDaddy is going to charge you $200.

That might not sound too bad.

But for a $10,000 domain name sale, GoDaddy is going to charge you $1,750.

You can see why some investors prefer to use Efty.com or even build their own website. In doing so, they can save themselves thousands of dollars per year.


For those domain name investors that are fine paying GoDaddy a commission in exchange for handling the transaction, providing added exposure, and hopefully closing more deals as a result of the GoDaddy familiarity


for those domain name investors that want some flexibility in setting up for-sale landing pages, I’ve got a secret for you.

You ready for the secret?

You don’t need to only use Afternic for-sale landing pages with just a tiny bit of GoDaddy branding.

You have a choice.

You may not realize it, but GoDaddy offers six for-sale landing page options. They just don’t publicize them.

Option 1: Afternic

They offer pages like this, which is their standard for-sale landing page that encourages users to fill out a form or call Afternic sales representatives to inquire about buying your domain name.

You can direct users to this for-sale landing page option by adding your domain name to your Afternic portfolio and setting your domain name’s nameservers to ns3.afternic.com and ns4.afternic.com.

Option 2: Afternic

You can drive people directly to Afternic where the buyer can see both the buy-it-now price as well as the minimum price to make an offer.

Option 3: GoDaddy

You can take them to a GoDaddy for-sale landing page that shows your domain name at the top with a prominent buy-it-now button, a video about premium domain names, and a listing of alternative domain name suggestions.

Option 4: GoDaddy

You can take them to a GoDaddy for-sale landing page that shows your domain name at the top with a prominent buy-it-now button, the GoDaddy Estimated Value of the domain name (which only shows if your asking price is less than their GoDaddy Estimated Value), and alternative domain name suggestions, alternative top-level domain extensions, and premium domain name options.

Quick side note: You may not want to provide users with all the options unless your domain name is better than those presented.

Option 5: GoDaddy

You can take them to a clean, simple GoDaddy for-sale landing page that shows your domain name with a prominent buy-it-now button and a video about premium domain names.

Option 6: GoDaddy

Or, you can take them to GoDaddy Auctions page that includes a count-down timer that automatically resets when it gets to zero.

Quick side note: the GoDaddy Auctions page uses a make offer value of 65% of your buy-it-now price as specified in Afternic, regardless of the minimum offer value you specify in Afternic.

I know, right? There are so many options!

Luckily for you, I’ve created a cheat sheet of them that you can use.

Click any of the open window links to see this fantastic cat-related domain name in each for-sale landing page variation.

Input your domain name, click the “Display Options” button, and we’ll generate all the links for you.

For all the options, make sure your domain name is added to your domain portfolio at Afternic first. https://www.afternic.com/my_domains

For option 1, change your nameservers to ns3.afternic.com and ns4.afternic.com

For options 2 through 6, you’ll need to setup domain forwarding at your registrar and specify the URL using the links from the tool below.

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Thanks for watching.

Comments 11

  1. If your domain name is registered at GoDaddy.com, you can NOT use their forwarding service to forward your domain name to a GoDaddy url.

    1. Post

      That’s what someone else said in an email to me. I’ll give it a try at GoDaddy and a few other registrars and let you know what I find.

    2. Post

      Ok, I found the same result that you said. You cannot forward a domain name at the GoDaddy registrar to a page on GoDaddy, for some reason:

      However, if you sign up for a free account at Bitly.com, you can create a shortcut to your desired GoDaddy for-sale landing page and it will work perfectly — using bitly.com as an intermediate redirection:

      Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for sharing another wonderful article about GoDaddy landers.

    I believe “Option 1” is the best and I’m using that. The reason behind is it gives the option to the interested buyer to contact the Afternic/GoDaddy brokers. Also at the same time, the domain can be searched via GoDaddy and it will show “Option 3”. So using AN landers (ns3.afternic.com/ns4.afternic.com) gives you both options.

    I believe using other options also give the buyer to search and buy the domain like “Option 3”.

    Overall, I’ve seen a huge success using Afternic starting this year and it’s a remarkable time I’m having with them.

    1. Post

      Thanks for commenting, AbdulBasit. I appreciate reading your blog posts about your success using Afternic landing pages.

      I, personally, which there was an option that had the GoDaddy branding with a BIN price button (if enabled) and a contact form and phone number so a rep can close the deal if the buyer wants assistance.

  3. Great tips Michael – thanks!

    Here are my thoughts

    Option 1 – I’ve tried it, but it didn’t do anything for me.
    Option 2- Has benefits of showing pricing, but lacks the power of GoDaddy branding.
    Option 3 – I think I may try it
    Option 4 – I don’t see why I would want to compete with other premium domains.
    Option 5 – No competing domains, but pretty odd that it doesn’t show the BIN price
    Option 6 – Interesting… but I think it might scare a non-domainer.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  4. Hi,

    I appreciate the update.

    Thanks again. Have an excellent day and a great weekend!


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