Watch Michael Cyger’s Domain Name Quarantine Social #10 – May 15, 2020

DNAcademy Social #10

Michael Cyger’s Domain Name Quarantine Social #10

By Michael Cyger, Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: May 16, 2020

This is a recorded coronavirus quarantine social session from May 15, 2020 for domain name investors and entrepreneurs to learn, provide advice, socialize and smile.

Topics discussed on this social:

  • What trends are you are seeing in last 2 weeks to 2 months?
  • Have you heard the podcast? Why you should be listening…
  • How did Braden Pollock to don his lease/option to purchase for
  • What email trackers are people currently using/recommend?
  • If a .com sells for a good price, should I buy the .net, .biz and/or .org if they are available for hand reg?
  • What are the most common reasons a domain buyer asks for an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?
  • What’s your best tip for staying organized with inbound and outbound domain name inquiries?
  • What’s the latest on the brandable domain name outbound sale?

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