Overnight Success

Overnight Success in Domain Name Investing

There are no overnight successes in the domain name industry. Don’t believe me?

This morning I was at the track doing repeat quarter miles. I’ve done them since I was a freshman in high school. I used to be much faster — trust me — but I’m still doing them regularly and I bet I’m faster than 99% of men in the world.

I just taped a show with Shane Cultra that will air Monday where he tells us about running the Boston Marathon this past Monday. Even though he’s done more than 30 marathons and even though he trained both smart and hard — he was affected by the heat. It’s a setback, but one that’s not going to stop him from beating his 3 hours 6 minute marathon personal record.

And I got to thinking, while I was running around the track, in the rain, in the cold.

There are no overnight successes in running. It takes planning, dedication, and a commitment — even when you want to slap the alarm clock snooze button, roll over and go back to sleep. And setbacks happen — even when you train hard and smart.

The same is true for domain name investing.

No successful domain name investor got to where he or she is overnight.

And they definitely faced a few speed bumps along the way.

Steven Hartley just did a live webinar for fellow students of DNAcademy last week where he shared all the details of a domain name flip using outbound emails that turned a $93 investment into a $1,000 sale with a few hours of work.

But he didn’t get there overnight. He studied, he practiced, he was dedicated to his investment tactics. And they paid off big time.

In that webinar, I asked Steven how long he spends investing per day. He told me he spends about 30 minutes a day reviewing filtered domains that match his investing style.

I then texted Frank Schilling and asked him about how he got started — BEFORE he was investing full time. And you guessed it — he had a full time job doing sales, but he still managed to put in an hour before work and 3 hours after work, in the evening.

Then I asked the Sherpas on the show that will air on Monday how long they practice per day, TODAY.

Here’s what Shane Cultra, Michael Krell and Andrew Rosener said:

I put two hours everyday.

Probably about 3, 3 to 4.

Probably 4 to 5 hours a day.

If you love branding, if you love domain name investing, if you love finding the needles in the haystack…the gems that others may have overlooked, the hours you spend every week may not seem like work at all.

But make no mistake about it: there are no overnight successes in the domain name industry.

Those who are successful domain name investors have put in the time to learn and practice.

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  1. Sure! You are quite rightly said. There is no free money online I will add to your content. One must work hard and more so, doing the right hard work for every cent made in domaining biz!
    Thank you very much for this educative material.

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  2. Much of our society watches TV on average 4 hours a day.
    Certainly, that should be enough time to be a great Domainer.
    Not to mention that can be a degree in any college or university.
    No wonder why at least 95% of people buying reports and “How To” end up collecting dust on the bookshelf or the HDD.
    They’re just too lazy. No way they’ll commit themselves to work hard. However, they complain about their 9 to 5 jobs…

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  3. Michael,
    This is not a just a lesson in domaining but a lesson in life. Dedication, Sacrifice, and FOCUS (Being Smart about your time) will pay off at some point. Keep at it even if you have ZERO sales for a week. I had the opportunity to mentor someone for about week in which the person reached out to me on Namepros. I decided to give that person 100% of my attention for a week. He started with 5 names of which he sold one on Nampros and hand reg’s two in which he sold one name that same week for $100 totaling $375 in which he only invested $35 for two names. My goal was for that person to experience that domaining is work. I gave the person a laundry list of daily tasks that needed to be done before any more investing happened. Now, the person is excited about doing the work and building his portfolio.

    Lesson: DO THE WORK!

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      Yes, it is a lesson in life.

      Education + hard work = success.

      Great job mentoring others to reach their peak, Rafael!

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