The Domain Name Investing Journey

The Domain Name Investing Journey

Pain + Reflection = Success

Investors want success.

Their goal is to sell domains. They love to hear about sales. They revel in the perceived success that comes with a sale.

But nobody likes pain.

And few people bother to spend the time to reflect upon what didn’t work; what caused the pain.

The only way your domain name investing journey can end is success is by acknowledging the pain and reflecting upon how to change your path going forward.

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Where To List Your Domain Names So Buyers Find Them

3 responses to “The Domain Name Investing Journey”

  1. Serlp says:

    Quitting domaining is the only solution.

    • Michael Cyger says:

      For some, it is.

      For others, education and learning from mistakes makes the journey worthwhile for financially and emotionally.

  2. John says:

    True dat.

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