Where To List Your Domain Names So Buyers Find Them

Where To List Your Domain Names So Buyers Find Them

On a recent DomainSherpa Review episode, the investor who submitted their portfolio asked the Sherpa panel a very simple question: “Where can I list my domain names so buyers can find them?”

That is the million dollar question for domain name investors.

Think about it. Wouldn’t it be great to hand register a domain name for $9, and then immediately publicize it for sale on a marketplace that reaches fledgling business owners preparing to start their business?

But, unfortunately, nothing like that exists — as explained by Andrew Rosener, CEO of the domain name brokerage firm Media Options:

Yeah, there is no platform. It’s an interesting concept but there is no platform. There is no way. There’s no effective way to say, ‘I’ve got a domain.’ I’m going to plug it into some platform and it’s going to be put in front of the eyes of decision-makers of relevant companies. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist.

So what’s the answer?

Legendary domain name investor Frank Schilling explains it succinctly.

“The best platform is the name, itself.

The best sales platform is the domain name itself.

What does Frank mean when he says that?

Let’s back up and review the buying scenario.

When entrepreneurs want to launch a new organization, business, product or service, the first thing they do is brainstorm brands — what they want to call their offering.

They then open a web browser to type in the corresponding domain names and see if they’re available.

20% of the traffic you receive on your undeveloped domain name is likely from someone typing it into a browser to see what’s there and if the domain name is available.

So do yourself a favor, set up a landing page that tells people your domain name is for sale, set a buy-it-now price if the domain is worth less than $5,000 retail, and give buyers a seamless and hurdle-free way to purchase your domain name.

I recommend Efty.com — E-f-t-y dot com — because it’s the best for-sale landing page and sales inquiry platform available, but I’m also biased — so much so that I became an investor in 2015.

“Impulse buying” is real. Three out of four Americans have made impulse purchases, according to a CreditCards.com survey. And of those impulse buyers, 10% spent more than $1,000 on an impulse purchase.

Impulse buying applies to domain names as well. So set up your for-sale landing pages with buy-it-now prices, give users an easy way to check out, and make sure your domain names are found on all the major marketplaces and registrars.

Make sure you’re subscribed to this YouTube channel, then click the link below this video on YouTube and I’ll give you a free checklist download to ensure your domain name is found by buyers exactly when they’re searching and buying.

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  1. Many of these domains fail to see how other domainers sell to them, they contact owners of similar domains by topic and email them. This requires a bit of research and effort to make all of those contacts but it is efforts like this that separate the successful domainers from the ones that struggle to sell and wish they could just do a single ad in a marketplace and be that easy.

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      I’m in full agreement, John. If a domain name investor is not proactively selling applicable names (those that can be sold, not like brandables), then they’re not maximizing their income. This short video was all about passive selling — and making sure buyers find you when they go to buy. The free download I offer covers 99.999% of all the places your domain name should be to get discovered by buyers when they have the need.

      Thanks for watching and posting a comment. It’s appreciated.

  2. How can i set up own landing page and how much cost for efty.com landing page? you have any video tutorial for this?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Satyadeep,

    Efty.com starts at $6 per month: https://www.efty.com/

    Simply add your domain to your account and then point the DNS of the domain to ns1.eftydns.com and ns2.eftydns.com and you’re done. You’ll now receive inquiries to purchase from interested visitors.

    If you want to set a buy-it-now price, edit the domain and add your price as well as Escrow.com account details.

    It’s really simple, but if you run into any trouble simply email ask@efty.com and we’ll walk you through it step by step.


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  5. This makes sense … things always seem more obvious when an expert points it out! 🙂

    Thanks for posting it, and all the other great info you share!

  6. O my Michael,
    You’re the big boss man who changed my perspectives from physical property to digital property.
    Lots of love for your endless efforts and contribution to the society.


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