You Don’t Need Money to Make Money

You Don't Need Money to Make Money in Domain Name Investing

You Don’t Need Money to Make Money

By Michael Cyger, Founder of DomainSherpa & Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: January 27, 2017

I recently picked up my son from an after-school activity and told him about a couple successful flips of domain investor Christian Calvin. He had an $81 purchase turn into $12,500 sale, and a $99 purchase turn into $9,000 sale.

My son was amazed, and then declared that he wanted to be the youngest Sherpa on a DomainSherpa profitable flip episode.

So I stopped the car and turned around to face him. I told him that if he really wanted to do that, I’d help him do so — but he was going to have to do all the research, do all the work, hustle to send emails and follow-up, negotiate with the buyer, and sell the domain name. But if he did, I’d mentor him every step of the way. Because I know that if he does it all himself one time, he’ll likely be able to do it again next time by himself.

And in exchange for my tactics for finding a great domain name, funding the purchase, and risking my money to buy the domain name, we agree to split the profits. He agreed.

Can you imagine a 9 year old, buying a domain name for a few hundred dollars and selling it for a few thousand dollars? He’s so excited and already planning a party with his future profits for him and his friends at the local fro-yo shop.

Will we find a domain name, buy it low and sell it high? Time will tell.

But the point is that even if you have no money, you can STILL find a way to make money in domain name investing. My son did it because he has a sugar daddy with pockets deep enough to fund a single purchase; his first purchase.

Today’s successful investors don’t have time to buy a domain name and do outbound marketing to sell it. So that’s your opportunity.

Get educated, build your network, make connections and friendships, and then make a proposal to an investor you trust and who trusts you. They’ll likely give you coaching and feedback in the process.

Start slow and prove yourself with a single domain name. Make a profit for you and the investor. Then do it again. Then do it again. After a few times, you’ll have enough profit saved up to invest entirely by yourself. Then you’ll double your profits.

Show that you care about the investor, start slow, display your hustle and persistence. If you’re willing to trade your time for a share of the profits and maybe some mentoring, you’ll likely have a line of investors willing to partner with you.

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  1. Hello Michael,

    From what I get of watching your Sherpa videos I know your son will go great on his first investment.

    Good luck to him on his future as a domainer.

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      Thanks, Ram. No success yet, but he is motivated. One domain name we identified was unfortunately identified by a bunch of other investors, and the auction went into the $700+ range so we had to walk away. We’re continuing to search and watch auctions.

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  2. No! I disagreed with your headline. In domaining BIZ, no matter how small the money is; I think you really need money to make money. Though, experience matters most

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      Hi Elevator,

      Did you watch the video? If you only read the headline and posted a comment, then perhaps you should invest a little more time educating yourself in the domain name industry.

      I’m going to stick with my statement. If you came to me and said, “Michael, I have secured the rights to purchase TRA.com [or pick any other three letters] from the owner for $10,000 but I do not have any money. Will you pay for it and split the profits with me?” — I’d have it paid for today. It’s an easy profit because the floor value for LLL.com domains is $15,000.

      In this case, it would not cost you anything and you would end up with thousands of dollars profit in your pocket.


  3. Going by your explanations; yes, one can make money without any cash at hand . But do you remember that reading alone rquires some cash to invest on oneself to acquire the knowledge to recorgnize the good domains from bad ones.
    Do you agree that time is also money? No matter how small it is. Well with your concept, it may not require money but what about the knowledge?
    To register on this site alone, to acquire some knowledge here; is money. To even watch the video you asked me to watch, is money, may be token. Nothing to achieve now without money, but it may be token. But the token to another person is difficult to come by.

    Thanks for your combinations and educative materials, here and at domainsherpa.

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