DNAcademy Acquired by GoDaddy 🎉

GoDaddy Acquires DNAcademy

On Monday, March 21, GoDaddy acquired the content and related assets of DNAcademy, which will be integrated into the GoDaddy Domains product offering. In addition, Michael Cyger joins GoDaddy as a full-time employee, leading this initiative as GoDaddy’s first Director of Education.


DNAcademy Bulk Valuations Tool

DNAcademy Bulk Valuations Tool

Quickly assess a portfolio of domain names to determine which are of value and which are worthless with DNAcademy’s Bulk Valuations tool.

NOW: Open Enrollment for the DNAcademy Accelerator Batch #4 🚀

The DNAcademy Accelerator Announcement

The DNAcademy Accelerator starts February 1st and space is filling up fast. The Accelerator is a live domain name investing program that provides participants with investing education, expert mentorship, key connections within the domain name ecosystem, and an opportunity to network with other investors in the community.

Estate Planning for Domain Names Guide (With Examples & Template)

Estate Planning for Domain Names Guide (With Examples & Template)

If you died tomorrow would your family inherit your domain names or would they expire and benefit third parties like registrars, drop-catching services, and other investors? Download this free Estate Planning for Domain Names guide to make your plan.

Sponsor Mike Cyger in the New York City Marathon

Camp Korey

DNAcademy’s Mike Cyger is fundraising and raising awareness for Camp Korey in the Pacific Northwest. He is going to run the New York City Marathon on Nov 7 and he’d be honored if you joined and supported his run.

What Does Your Domain Name Say About Your Company?

What Does Your Domain Name Say About Your Company?

A domain name says something important about your company to your: 1. 🛍 Customers, 2. 🙋🏽 Employees, 3. 💰 Shareholders. That’s why
@TuftandNeedle, @Clubhouse and @Bubble upgraded their domain names. Here’s a thread on why your company’s domain name is important.


#1 Tip for Closing Domain Name Sales

#1 Tip for Closing Sales

In this video, I share my #1 tip for turning domain name inquiries into closed domain name deals. And it’s something I hate to do, but it works: get on the phone. And I’ll tell you exactly what to say.

Domain Name Tracking Sheet from DNAcademy

Recently Purchased Domain Names Worksheet

Do you find it difficult to keep track of domain names you’re buying? Download this free, simple PDF to keep track your domain name purchases until you can enter them into your Efty account, Google Sheet, or other account.

Domain Name Research Snapshot Tool

The DNAcademy Research Snapshot Tool

Completely characterize your domain name by looking at metrics, including search volume, CPC, ads count, TLD registered count, Google trend, sales velocity, historical use, named companies, count, and much more.

Domain Name Comparison Tool

Compare Domain Names

Compare two domain names side-by-side across 35 characteristics that define the value of the domain name to a company. Fast and easily find the reasons why one domain name is worth more than the other.

Jason Sheppard Joins DNAcademy Accelerator Batch #2 as Instructor

Jason Sheppard Co-Teaches DNAcademy Accelerator Batch #2

DNAcademy is very excited to announce that Jason Sheppard has joined as co-instructor for the second DNAcademy Accelerator! Accelerator Batch #2, co-taught by Michael Cyger and Jason Sheppard will begin on February 2, 2021. The details of the course duration will be finalized this month and additional details will be shared.

Domain Name Data Manipulation Tools

Domain Name Data Manipulation Tools

If you hate Excel because you have to learn functions like trim, concatenate, find, and search, DNAcademy has the solution. Now, all DNAcademy members have access to the “Swiss Army Knife” of data manipulation tools including parse, prepend or append, spin, sort, adjust lines, trim, change the case of words, and change text.

Domain Name Passive Sales Checker

Domain Name Passive Sales Checker

Managing your domain name pricing across multiple marketplaces is a pain. Are the prices consistent? Were they listed by a prior owner? Did you make a mistake in pricing? This tool will help you figure it all out.


GoDaddy For-Sale Landing Page Options

GoDaddy For-Sale Landing Page Options

If you list your domain names for sale on GoDaddy, you don’t have to use the default Afternic for-sale landing page. You can use GoDaddy for-sale landing pages, and there are quite a few design options.