Brandable Bootcamp for Domain Name Investing

DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp



Learn to find great brandable domain names that could sell for $1,000 to $5,000 at the retail level and can be purchased for between $8 and $69 at the wholesale level

Brandable Bootcamp

The DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp is a live training program that will teach participants:

  • The expiration process of domain names
  • The secret relationship between registrars and their aftermarket partners
  • Where to find domain names that have expired
  • Where to backorder domain names that are pending deletion
  • How to use to find marketable brandable domain names that are expiring or pending deletion
  • The insider’s list of currently trending keywords – by industry 🔥
  • Techniques for analyzing and selecting domain names
  • The acquisition process (payment/transfer)
  • How to list your domain names for sale

You do not need to have an active DNAcademy membership to attend the Brandable Bootcamp.

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5-Day Program

We meet daily on a live video conference call. Learn in less than 1 week what normally takes years.

Live Coaching

Live instruction via Zoom with how-to tutorials in a safe, small-group environment.

Experienced Instructors

Your instructors have been there and done that, and are invested in your success.

Proven Training System

You’ll learn the same process and toolset used by one of the leading investors in the industry.

Your Brandable Bootcamp Instructors

Keith DeBoer



Michael Cyger

Founder & Instructor


The Brandable Bootcamp Schedule

Day 1

Brandable Domains: A business in a box

Day 2

What makes a good brandable?

Day 3

Finding and selecting the best domains

Day 4

Fine tuning your evaluation skills

Day 5

Connecting with potential buyers


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