Brandable Bootcamp for Domain Name Investing

DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp



Learn to find great brandable domain names that could sell for $1,000 to $5,000 at the retail level and can be purchased for between $9 and $69 at the wholesale level

Brandable Bootcamp

The DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp is a live training program that will teach participants:

  • Rules for analyzing and selecting domain names
  • The insider's list of high sales velocity keywords ("worth the price of admission" -- a past attendee)
  • Step-by-step how to set up and use
  • Where to buy for the best ROI (and without emotion)
  • Pricing your acquired brandable domain names
  • Hands-on practice every night, with personalized review daily

You do not need to have an active DNAcademy membership to attend the Brandable Bootcamp.

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5-Day Live Program

We meet daily on a live video conference call in a safe, small-group environment.

Learn in 1 week what normally takes years.

Experienced Instructors

Your instructors are successful and profitable and want to accelerate your investing journey.

Get inside the head of Keith DeBoer with daily domain name selection evaluations!

Precise Learning

The training has been perfected to deliver maximum benefit with minimal time requirements.

Attendees can expect the same level of quality, accuracy, and detail as all DNAcademy content.

Proven Training System

You'll learn the same process and toolset used by the leading investors in the industry.

Money well spent.
ST Shipley
The DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp is an absolute must for those wishing to prosper in the lucrative business of brandable domain name investing. What makes the Brandable Bootcamp even more appealing is its instructors. It’s important to learn from people who, β€œwalk the talk”. After all, you want to learn domain investing from those who actually successfully invest in domain names, right? Then you have come to the right place! Instructors Michael Cyger and Keith DeBoer are seasoned and successful domain investing veterans with a knack for passing on their vast knowledge to help others become successful. Because of the great instructors and the incredibly valuable information the course teaches, I give the DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp my highest recommendation.
Anthony Spann
If you're thinking about investing in brandable domains, the Brandable Bootcamp will give you an inside look and shortcut on how it's done and save you a ton of money and headaches along the way.
Ralph Quintero
Doesn’t matter if you’ve been registering names since the early days, you will learn new strategies for broadening your business.
Greg RichΓ‘rd

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Your Brandable Bootcamp Instructors

Keith DeBoer

Lead Instructor


Michael Cyger

Founder & Instructor


The Brandable Bootcamp Schedule

Day 1

Why focus on brandables?

Day 2

What makes a good brandable?

Day 3

Finding and selecting the best domains

Day 4

Fine tuning your evaluation skills

Day 5

Connecting with potential buyers

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Yes, you can sign up for the Brandable Bootcamp without having been through the full DNAcademy course.

In the Brandable Bootcamp, we only learn about one highly-profitable area of brandable domain names (which is one of the six types of domain name asset classes), we educate at a deeper level, and we provide live feedback on your daily homework assignments.

The Brandable Bootcamp curriculum is a subset of knowledge that is contained inside the main DNAcademy course, but includes live instruction and feedback.

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