Brandable Bootcamp for Domain Name Investing

DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp



Learn to find great brandable domain names that could sell for $1,000 to $5,000 at the retail level and can be purchased for between $8 and $69 at the wholesale level

Brandable Bootcamp

The DNAcademy Brandable Bootcamp is a live training program that will teach participants:

  • The expiration process of domain names
  • The secret relationship between registrars and their aftermarket partners
  • Where to find domain names that have expired
  • Where to backorder domain names that are pending deletion
  • How to use to find marketable brandable domain names that are expiring or pending deletion
  • The insider’s list of currently trending keywords – by industry πŸ”₯
  • Techniques for analyzing and selecting domain names
  • The acquisition process (payment/transfer)
  • How to list your domain names for sale

You do not need to have an active DNAcademy membership to attend the Brandable Bootcamp.

Join the Bootcamp

5-Day Program

We meet daily on a live video conference call. Learn in less than 1 week what normally takes years.

Live Coaching

Live instruction via Zoom with how-to tutorials in a safe, small-group environment.

Experienced Instructors

Your instructors have been there and done that, and are invested in your success.

Proven Training System

You’ll learn the same process and toolset used by one of the leading investors in the industry.

If you have a serious interest in learning to invest in domain names, you're only playing yourself if you don't take this course. Many people struggle to find where they need to begin this journey, as I once did. This is your answer. You get a week with two industry experts teaching you the secret sauce to their success in the brandable sector, as well as an opportunity to pick their brains. This course could've [and should've] been $500, and I still would've enrolled and considered it to be a steal. You won't get this kind of wisdom elsewhere, let alone for the price.
Daniel Koleshchuk
Investing in brandable domains is an art and a science. I wanted to expand my knowledge in this field of investing so it made sense to learn from one of the top brandable investors in the industry, Keith DeBoer. This bootcamp did not disappoint... I now feel I have the knowledge, tools and critical thinking skills needed to start identifying high quality brandables that can be bought and resold for a healthy profit.
William Powell
A must take class! The class teaches you about the trending keywords, what domains to buy, where to buy them, and how to buy them. Not only that, you learn about the price points at which to buy and sell these domains. A great class overall. Worth every penny!
Brandable Bootcamp is definitely worth investing in. You get insider tips from Keith himself and learn how he's thinking when buying Brandable domain names. You go step by step learning how to use Highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to buy and sell brandable names and be successful at it!
Rehan Ahmad
Crawl into the mind of Keith DeBoer and learn exactly how he sifts through the jumbled chaos of expiring and deleted names each day to uncover the brandable domain gems. During this course, you receive step-by-step instructions on how to find, purchase, and sell keyword-rich domains that will appeal to business end users. Keith shares all of his insights from years of success in the brandable market, as well as a copy of his coveted list of optimal keywords. This is a hands-on class where you can watch Keith search for and evaluate domains in real time, practice the strategies on your own, and then receive valuable feedback on your work. You will come away with a real understanding of what types of brandable names sell and how to find them.
Bill Wright
Connecting with experts Michael Cyger and Keith DeBoer in a live environment cannot be underestimated. Both Michael and Keith have such valuable experience within the Domain industry and are willing to share their knowledge with others in a passionate and engaging way. The Bootcamp is so relaxed and friendly, and nothing is too much trouble for Michael and Keith who explain and demonstrate all the details extremely well, which helps you to learn even more. If you listen to a lot of podcasts online, then you will have surely listened to Michael and Keith along the way and be aware of their standing within the industry, so attending the bootcamp with these guys is kind of like re-connecting with familiar old friends. Add to that meeting and engaging with your fellow Bootcamp attendees and it makes for a great learning environment. I would highly recommend "The Brandable BootCamp" to anyone who wishes to become successful in the world of domains. Worth every penny!
Graham Lane
You can't afford to miss this! If brandables are your game, play it right by signing up!
Zesty Queen
Doesn’t matter if you’ve been registering names since the early days, you will learn new strategies for broadening your business.
Greg RichΓ‘rd
If anyone is interested in investing in brandable domain names, I cannot see a better start than this fantastic Bootcamp! It gives you the real and quality basics and a lot of tips and tricks from the real experience and markets.
Tom Sostarko

Your Brandable Bootcamp Instructors

Keith DeBoer



Michael Cyger

Founder & Instructor


The Brandable Bootcamp Schedule

Day 1

Brandable Domains: A business in a box

Day 2

What makes a good brandable?

Day 3

Finding and selecting the best domains

Day 4

Fine tuning your evaluation skills

Day 5

Connecting with potential buyers


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