Domain Name Data Manipulation Tools

Domain Name Data Manipulation Tools

Domain Name Data Manipulation Tools

By Michael Cyger, Founder of DomainSherpa & Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: December 10, 2020

If you hate Excel because you have to learn functions like trim, concatenate, find, and search, DNAcademy has the solution. Now, all DNAcademy members have access to the “Swiss Army Knife” of data manipulation tools including parse, prepend or append, spin, sort, adjust lines, trim, change the case of words, and change text.


Hey everyone! My name is Michael Cyger, and I’m the publisher and lead instructor of DNAcademy.

I really hate Excel. I mean, I love Excel because it’s so useful but it drives me crazy.

I have to learn functions like trim, concatenate, find, and search. And then I have to get the syntax right, otherwise Excel shows me the dreaded #Name? error.

And because I only need to do analysis once every month or so, I forget which way I solved a problem last time so I have to spend half an hour searching Google for the answer.

There has got to be a better way!

And there is.

Now, all DNAcademy members have access to the “Swiss Army Knife” of data manipulation tools.

First off, there’s a shortcode. You can access this new set of tools at — but make sure you’re signed into your account.

You’ll see tools to:

Prepend or Append
Adjust Lines
Change the Case of words
Change Text

If you click through to watch this video on YouTube, you can view the description of this video and jump to any of the tools to see how to use them.

Let me give you a use case for each:

Parse allows you to paste any text and this tool will extract valid domain names, placing each on a single line without any spaces and duplicates removed.

Let’s say you’re on DNForum and you want to copy all of the domain names from the fixed price sales page so you can run them in Estibot. Just command A to select all, command C to copy, and paste them into the Parse tool.

The Parse tool result is a nicely organized list with all domain names with all other data removed.

You can copy the result to your clipboard and then paste them into the Sort tool to organize the result ascending, descending or randomly, and remove duplicate entries.

The Prepending and Appending tool allows you to add text to the beginning or the end of all lines, like prepending “my” in front of each word in a list and appending “.com” to the end.

Here’s a good use case for the Prepending Appending tool. Let’s say you have a list of words that you really like to invest in, like:


You can paste that list into the tool, add the word “my” as a prepending, add “.com” as an appending and create a list of domain names ready to bulk search for availability at your favorite registrar.

The Spin tool is neat. You can enter two to five lists of words and the tool will create all different combinations for you.

Let’s say I paste in the same list of words:


Then I add a second set of words, like:


Then I add “.com” to the end.

All possible combinations of these words will be listed as domain names, ready to bulk search for availability at your favorite registrar.

The Lines tool will clean up your data set, allowing you to remove lines, remove duplicate lines, or remove lines containing or not containing text.

Let’s say you were sent a list of domain names, but you want to exclude all .ai domain names because you think the renewal cost is too high. Or you only want to include domain .com names. This is the tool for you.

The Trim tool also cleans up your data, removing spaces from before or after your entry data.

But let’s say you have a list of three word phrases, like:

“I’ll be there”
“I Love You”
“Maybe you’re right”
“I trust you”
“Go for it”
“Got your back”
“How are you”
“I want you”

The Trim tool will allow you to remove all spaces from the list.

But we still have quotes and apostrophes, so copy the result and move over to the Case tool.

In the Case tool we can change the case of the word to upper case, lower case, and remove punctuation.

Copy that result, jump back over to the Prepend Append tool and we can add .com to the end and get a nice list of domain names ready to bulk search for availability at your favorite registrar.

The Change tool allows you to easily change text.

Let’s say I have a list of three word phrase domain names, but they’re all taken in .com:

I can easily change “.com” to “.net” or if it’s a mixed list of extensions I can change everything after the dot to my extension of choice.

If you’re a DNAcademy member and there’s another tool you would like to see us develop, use the Contact Us link in the footer and let us know.

Did you like this domain name investing tip and resource?

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