DNAcademy Acquired by GoDaddy 🎉

GoDaddy Acquires DNAcademy

DNAcademy Acquired by GoDaddy 🎉

By Michael Cyger , Founder & Instructor of DNAcademy

Published: March 23, 2022

On Monday, March 21, GoDaddy acquired the content and related assets of DNAcademy, which will be integrated into the GoDaddy Domains product offering over the next several months.

In addition, I am pleased to share that I joined GoDaddy as a full-time employee, leading this initiative as GoDaddy’s first Director of Education. In this role, I will facilitate learning within the field of domain name investing – not only through advanced online education and tools, but also by creating connections and highlighting successes within our industry.

Over the past seven years, DNAcademy created the finest educational curriculum and toolset available, and we’re honored to have taught thousands of people around the world. Joining GoDaddy will allow us to amplify our reach through GoDaddy’s trusted relationship with the owners of more than 84 million domain names under management.

While we figure out how DNAcademy content and related assets will be integrated into GoDaddy, I wanted to provide some clarity on the interim period:

Yearly members: Current DNAcademy yearly members will continue to have access through the end of their membership term.

Lifetime members: Although the DNAcademy customer base was not acquired, GoDaddy values the relationships DNAcademy cultivated with domain name investors and will make best efforts to provide access to the new offering.

New memberships: DNAcademy is not accepting new memberships. Sign up here to be notified when the GoDaddy education for investors is available.

Software: Currently available DNAcademy software tools will remain available to members during the transition period. As DNAcademy content migrates to GoDaddy systems over the next several months, an evaluation of software tools will be completed to determine which will be migrated and offered in the future.

If you’re a current DNAcademy member and have questions not answered here, please submit your inquiry to me via our contact form.

A large percentage of GoDaddy revenue is generated from domain names, and with this acquisition I believe the company is making a statement: education and tools will make their customers more successful, and GoDaddy invests in their customers’ success.

This is the start of a new, amazing phase of domain name investing education. Thank you to DNAcademy instructors and contributors – Aline Carriere, Jason Sheppard, Keith DeBoer and James Iles – and thank you to our members and partners.

Michael Cyger