Domain Name Tracking Sheet from DNAcademy

Recently Purchased Domain Names Worksheet

Domain Name Tracker Sheet from DNAcademy

By Michael Cyger, Publisher of DNAcademy

Published: April 21, 2021

Do you find it difficult to keep track of domain names you’re buying?

Me too.

I register a simple, memorable redirect for DNAcademy, I buy a domain name in a auction, or some nice person pushes me a Handshake TLD they registered on my behalf.

Most of the time I’m multi-tasking, so I jot it down on one of the many scraps of paper on my desktop.

But then something horrific happens.

The sheets of paper get jumbled, mis-sorted, or thrown away… and I no longer know what domain names I own so I can enter it into my Efty account at the end of the week.

(You might use a Google Sheet, or maybe even Afternic, to keep track of your domain names.)

How many domain names do you forget you own per year?

Couldn’t this be easily solved?

So I asked my designer to put together a simple PDF you can use to collect information about domain names you’re buying.

Print it out. Keep it on your desktop. Enter a calendar event to update your database once per week.

Click to download in color:
Recently Purchased Domain Names Worksheet

Click to download in grayscale:
Recently Purchased Domain Names Worksheet