Fun with SquadHelp Naming Contests!

Fun with SquadHelp Naming Contests!

Fun with SquadHelp Naming Contests!

By Aline Carriere, Teaching Assistant of DNAcademy

Published: March 9, 2020

Naming contests are how I got into the current brandable domain name market and there is no better contest platform that I know of than I enjoy word games and crosswords, and SquadHelp naming contests offer an equally fun challenge.

The contest prizes at SquadHelp now range from $135 – $500, but the best part of entering contests is practice in finding and creating domain names that people and businesses want.

SquadHelp Naming Contests

The contest brief describes the name the Contest Holder (CH) is looking for. Most want an unregistered .com domain name. There are anywhere between 25-50 contests running at any given time. You get to discover what types of businesses and start-ups people are building, and receive nearly instant feedback on your entries. There’s quite a bit of repetition and you’ll see requests for similar names.

SquadHelp keeps track of your submissions so you can enter the same names in different contests, and the entries are kept private so you’re not giving away names. Even if you don’t win a contest (I’ve won 5 in 3.5 years), you can end up with a portfolio of great brandable domain names to register, submit to marketplaces, or sell on your own.

Since I joined in 2016, SquadHelp has expanded and improved the contests, and integrated the contests with their domain name marketplace. They also introduced a $10 sign-up fee to enter contests, but SquadHelp will waive that fee for DNAcademy students!

Visit the Student Discounts section of your DNAcademy account to take advantage of this benefit.

Post your questions to the DNAcademy private discussion forum (no dumb questions!) and I’ll answer them there.

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