Discounted Uniregistry Pricing for All Active DNAcademy Students

Discounted Uniregistry Pricing for All Active DNAcademy Students

When I started investing in domain names, I knew others were paying less in domain name registrations and renewals but I didn’t know how. I hunted high and low for discount codes and coupons, mostly wasting my time when they didn’t work at checkout.

What’s worse is that the time I wasted could have been better spent on education, research or outreach to find and acquire better domain name investment opportunities.

Today I’m pleased to share some exciting news with you. DNAcademy is leveling the playing field between those who are in the know and those who are new to the game.


DNAcademy is excited to offer discounted relationship pricing to current DNAcademy BASIC and PRO students.

With no annual fee, you’ll be able to register .com domain names for only $8.77 each. That’s 19% less than Uniregistry’s regular rate and 41% cheaper than the leading registrar’s regular rates.


Instead of paying $0.99 (plus $0.18 to ICANN) and $14.99 per year in renewals for a typical five-year total cost of ownership of $61.13, at Uniregistry as a student of DNAcademy you would pay $43.95 for all five years ($8.77 per year, all-in with no extra fees). That saves you $17.28 per domain name over five years.

With a portfolio of 50 domains, DNAcademy saves you $864.
With a portfolio of 250 domains, DNAcademy saves you $1,728.
With a portfolio of 500 domains, DNAcademy saves you $8,640.

If you signed up for DNAcademy BASIC or PRO ** ONLY ** to have access to Uniregistry pricing, you would break even with 145 domain names in one year and the savings would continue to compound yearly.


And once you’re in the Uniregistry family, you’re in for good! You’ll continue to receive the DNAcademy relationship pricing even after you’ve completed the DNAcademy course.

No more hunting for and trying coupons, only to find they’re expired and you’ve wasted your time. Use your time to search for and register great domain names; use your time to make money!


Finally, do you love new gTLDs? We got you covered. Use “UNIDNA” coupon code for 30% off all Uniregistry-owned registrations and renewals: .link, .click, .help, .mom, .audio, .blackfriday, .christmas, .diet, .flowers, .guitars, .hiphop, .hosting, .hiv, .juegos, .lol, .photo, .pics, .property, .sexy, and .tattoo.[1]

All right, one more perk. Sales tax getting you down? While Uniregistry does charge sales tax in Canada, they don’t charge sales tax in any other country. For me, in Washington state, that saves another 9%. Check your past sales receipts as it could add up to more savings.


All Uniregistry customers receive, at no cost, the following benefits:
* Free WHOIS privacy (use on personal domains and those you want to hide, such as adult domains)
* Two-factor authentication protection on your account and domains
* Beautiful user interface, built for bulk and quick management
* Great mobile apps for management (both iOS and Android)

Sign up for DNAcademy – either BASIC or PRO – then visit the STUDENT DISCOUNTS page for this special relationship pricing.


DNAcademy + Uniregistry Registration / Renewal Pricing:
.com $8.77
.net $10.03
.org $11.09
.info $10.16
.biz $11.67
.us $8.90
.co $24.00
.tv $29.00
.ca $9.88
.io $48.49


[1] Some terms and conditions apply to these promotions. Please see the STUDENT DISCOUNT page for details.

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